Terms of Service

The hardest part of losing and maintaining weight is finding support. One of the major reasons why we find it hard to lose and maintain weight is because we don’t have the right support. We start off really well but we’re faced with the challenge of sustaining it. Then eventually and unfortunately, we’re not able to sustain it. Everything goes downhill from there.

We want to help you lose and maintain your weight. Thru our website, we can provide the support that you need to stay on track. So you are welcome to access our website anytime. In return, you would have to be in agreement with the terms and conditions of eeto.org.

Validation of Content

We do a lot of research here at eeto.org. We want to make sure we’re giving you accurate information here. Needless to say, we do our best to do it.

On your part, you agree to validate our content. Before exploring what we have to offer you, you agree to seek medical advice first.

Sharing of Content

The information we offer you on eeto.org is solely for your personal use. If you do intent to share it publicly, you agree to contact us for our permission. You are not to use or post our materials in public or on the internet without our permission.

Contacting Us

The whole team of eeto.org would love to hear from you. We would love to hear your thoughts and stories. You can also feel free to share your weight loss journey with us. After all, we are here to support you.

However, we will not allow any expressions of hate here on eeto.org. Nor will we allow obscenities and profanities. Eeto.org aims to support you to live well and healthy. It has no room for derogative messages, remarks, and comments.

We are committed to support you through and through. So feel free to access our website anytime. But just make sure to visit this page because we will be posting updates to our terms and conditions here. In the mean time, let’s all live well and healthy.