Privacy Policy

We intend to protect any kind of personal information you share with us here. As much as we encourage you to share your weight loss story, we also want to keep you in the loop as to how we protect whatever personal information is shared here on our website.

As A Valued Visitor

As a valued visitor on our website, we don’t collect any of your personal information. is free to access. We do not require you to register at all. The only time you are entailed to share any of your personal information is when you want to share your comments with us and when you need to use the contact form. Those are the only times when you have to share your email address. Other than that, we don’t collect any kind of personal information from you.

What We Do With It

We do not intend to use your email address in any other way but to reply to you if needed. If there’s no need for us to do so, we don’t use your email address at all. Your email address stays in our database and is not sold or shared with any third party vendor. We are fully committed to protect it. We will not post or publish it in public.

You can rest assure that we will be here to support you in your weight loss and maintenance. You will find our website to be a good resource for living well and healthy. But you will also find some updates to our privacy policy here. It is your responsibility to stay posted with our updates.