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It’s hard enough to lose weight. But it’s even harder to lose weight around problem areas. The most common problem area is the tummy part. Both men and women easily store fat in the tummy area. That’s the reason why more and more folks want to know how to lose the weight around the tummy area.

Shifting To A Healthier Lifestyle

There isn’t anybody in the world that does not want a flat tummy. But unfortunately, it’s not that easy to achieve. Getting rid of the belly fat is just not that easy for most folks.

Seriously getting rid of the fat around the tummy area means shifting to a healthier lifestyle. Fitness enthusiast, Schola Dondo recommends taking measurements and progress photos once every month.

“So what I actually recommend before you start in your … belly adventure is to take measurements and take progress pictures because often what you see in the mirror does not help you out enough.”

This makes a lot of sense. Looking into the mirror everyday will not show any progress. It’s best to measure the belly and let the numbers show the difference or the changes.

“So take measurements and progress pictures at least … once a month just so you can compare them each month and see how you’re doing.”

Get That Flat Tummy Now

So how possible is it to have a flat tummy? It’s very possible to achieve a flat tummy as long as there’s determination to get rid of all the starchy carbs in the diet.

“First of all, you’re gonna want to get rid of any starchy carbs … so any carbs that are white like white bread, white rice, pasta, stuff like that … get rid of that because that will really hinder you in getting that nice, flat belly.”

Instead of eating white starchy carbs, it’s best to eat foods that are high in fiber. Vegetables and fruits are definitely healthier alternatives.

“Just eat loads of fibrous foods that will help you flush out your system and get that going …”

This can prevent the heavy feeling of bloating. It’s also recommended to drink lots and lots of water.

“ You just really want to flush out that digestive system.”

Avoid eating heavy meals during the day. Instead, it’s better to snack throughout the day. The best snacks are fruits, nuts, and hummus

“… snacking is good for just keeping your metabolism up and just keeping your body constantly moving and digesting something …”

Snacking throughout the day is one of the most recommended ways to lose weight. Several diet delivery services integrate this concept into their weight loss system as well.

Mix It Up With Exercise

While eating healthier foods can help flatten the tummy, exercise can also do the trick. Hence, it’s best to combine these two. Cardio exercises are highly recommended. That’s pretty much the formula to achieving a flat tummy.

It really takes a lot to lose the excess weight around the tummy area. Giving up the starchy carbs is not going to be easy. But with determination, it is possible to finally shed off the weight around the tummy area.


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