Finding The Right Moment To Lose Weight


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weight-loss-healthy-mealFor most people, the hardest part of weight loss is the whole process of doing it. But in my opinion, the hardest part is deciding to lose weight. Weight loss is just the outcome of a very clever decision to finally live right. For me, that’s a very hard decision to confront and eventually take on.

Three people found the right moment to make a clever decision to lose weight. They share their amazing but emotional journey to weight loss.

Richard: Fit To Become A Dad

Richard was severely overweight. Often bullied and hit on because of his weight, he comforted himself with eating. He had already been a chubby kid. With his excessive eating habits, he ballooned to a weight that couldn’t even be registered on a weighing scale.

Looking back, he binged a lot to hide the pain of being overweight. He just couldn’t stop this particular way of eating. Everyday, he would wake up to a pound of bacon (2500 Cal), four to six biscuits (1164 Cal), and a dozen of eggs (1299 Cal). This was his typical breakfast meal. A meal that totaled to 4963 Cal. Adding on a snack of four cheeseburgers (1760 Cal) that he would take on before lunch time. All in all, Richard was packing in about 6723 Cal just halfway through the day. He eventually ended up morbidly obese weighing in at 426 lbs.

He found the right moment to make that clever decision when his doctor told him that he wouldn’t live to see his 30th birthday and he wouldn’t be able to have kids. After a terrifying moment of truth, he made a decision to change his life.

Richard changed his life by taking on an exercise routine. He eventually cut down on his large food potions. Eighteen months after, he dropped 242 lbs. Finally fit, Richard became a dad.

Ashley: Overcoming Medical Issues

Ashley had a lot of serious medical issues. Her 288-pound body frame gave way to various health issues. Often tired and depressed, she had liver disease, high blood pressure, and chronic migraines. Then one day, her husband took her for a walk. This was her first walk and it was very painful. Her body ached and she cried while walking. But after that painful walk, she found the right moment to make a change.

She accelerated her walking to running and found healthier food options online. She made small changes that eventually led to some amazing developments in her life. She dropped 137 lbs. She now boasts that her son can actually wrap his arms around her body. Ashley feels wonderful and has overcome her health issues.

Leah: Overcoming Emotional Eating

Leah gained a lot of weight after giving birth. As an emotional eater, it didn’t take her too long to pack on the pounds. Then her husband made her realize that she had to make a change. He husband knew that Leah was just not happy with herself. This was her moment of truth.

Leah started to focus on portion control. Then she got into running. Her husband supported her through and through. Until one day, her husband was killed in an accident. Such a difficult moment in her life could have made her go back to being an emotional eater. But she didn’t. She held on to the right moment and followed through.

The process of weight loss varies. What works for you, may not work for some. But there is one common denominator and that’s finding that right moment to finally lose weight.